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Prayer Meeting
We host a weekly prayer meeting Tuesday nights at 7:00 PM. It is understood that not all can attend at this time because of schedule conflicts, but strongly encouraged. A band of prayer warriors, normally led by Brother Ronald Atkins, upholds the Pastor, church, community, our nation, as well as the nation of Israel. Each meeting typically begins with a few minutes of short devotion and the reading of scripture, then prayer requests are taken. After a sufficient time of individual prayer, the band usually comes together for a time to pray for each other, with a short time of fellowship to follow.

Each Wednesday Night at 7:00 PM we host a mid-week service which last approximately one hour. This is called Family Training Hour, with the intention of developing hearts and minds to be more practical in their faith relating to the secular world as well as one’s own family. Usually this setting comes in the form of several different classes for various age groups, consisting of nursery, children, teen, young
adult, and a traditional adult class.

The Nursery is offered to allow parents the opportunity to attend services Sunday morning and evening, as well as Wednesday night, while ensuring their younger children are receiving their well needed attention.

Men’s Fellowship
The Men’s Fellowship is designed as an opportunity for the men in the church body to come together and not merely fellowship with each other, but also to discuss tasks that need attention. Such tasks often consist of maintenance issues, lawn care, or special need in a given families as they arise. Many times the funds donated are given to offset the cost of other ministries that take place in the church. Among these other activities, the men meet for a breakfast every quarter, and usually prepare a stew every fall.

Ladies Ministries
Ladies Ministries invites all ladies young and old to take part in fellowship and genuine friendship. Coming together to discuss the word of God, share one another’s burdens, as well as helping single mothers with anything they may have need of, the Ladies Ministries has been essential for bringing families into the church body. Many times shopping, and swapping recipes, or preparing meals for special occasions are on the itinerary; however the ladies also assist in preparing meats for the Men’s fellowship stew, and raising funds for other ministries in the church.

Young Adult Movie Night
Greg Meadows enjoys hosting a night where young adults can come together for a meal and then a Christian Movie. Proposed as another time of fellowship, this serves as a simple way to invite friends and family to the church to familiarize people with the local church body.

Cross-Fire is a contemporary Christian band, associated with Central Blvd. This group has performed at several other churches as well as community parks in an effort to reach the world with the message of Christ. Formed in 2004, it has been busy, but remains open for future opportunities to join with others who enjoy contemporary Christian music.

Benevolence is headed up by Associate Pastor Billy Hedrick. He willing accepts any amount of donation that one feels led to give, taking these gifts of money or non perishable food items and distributing them to needy families in the area. Personally visiting each house with a donation from the church, whether it is food that is needed, or as sometimes, a bill that desperately needs to be paid, benevolence always spreads the good news of Jesus Christ. A very practical effort to meeting the needs of the community, benevolence also welcomes those in need to the church if they are without a home church of their own.

ESP Dinner
ESP is an acronym for Extra Special People. Once every quarter we invite all in the church over the age of 55 to a free dinner served by the younger generation. This has been an effort to show appreciation to those in our church and community who have gone before us to lay a foundation and have led by example.

Family Care Ministry
This is an effort still in the early stages of development to unite the church congregation on a more personal level outside appointed times of service. This concept is based on Acts 6:1-4 and allows for further discipleship and development of young ministers, by allowing the laity of the church to minister to the needs of specific families within the larger church body. This may consist of but not limited to hospital visitation, prayer partners, accountability, or encouragement.

Fine Arts Ministry
Central Blvd strongly believes in furthering the minds and skills of those interested through fine arts for Christ’s service. Our choir and orchestra minister every week, directed by John Montgomery. Other forms of ministry would include smaller vocal ensembles or drama. This aspect of ministry is always open for those who want to become more involved in the church, while serves as a great way to fellowship and meet others. If you are interested in knowing more, or possibly joining our Fine Arts
Department, we’ve provided more information here.


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