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Main Entrance
Most people like to enter under the pavilion on the north side of the building; however there are three other entrances all around the main sanctuary. You will find a greeter at any one of these doors ready to welcome you or answer any questions.

Welcome Desk
We also provide a welcome desk in the main lobby, where someone may assist you in finding a class for a certain age, the nursery, or even any literature about church in general. Here you may also find DVDs of services that you may be interested in sharing with others.

General Attendance & Attire
Here at Central Blvd, we want all to feel welcome and comfortable. We do not target any particular age group, having a wide range of ages from teens to seniors, all who desire to be a part of a true worship experience. Upon visiting you will notice that the attire is just as diverse, where some feel comfortable in suits of formal attire, others will dress more casually.

Normal Order of Service
Given there will occasionally be a need for a special service; however, as we serve a God of order, most services at Central Blvd follow a certain order. We always allow a time to greet the person seated next to you. Then there comes a time of contemporary praise and worship. And offering will be collected, followed by a
special choir number. A message is delivered; an opportunity is then given for people to have others pray for them, and then a dismissal.

During Corporate Prayer
Many people pray differently and have different expectations about prayer. During prayer, one may expect to hear the congregation praying aloud along with the person leading the prayer. If you are not comfortable with this, then praying silently
is perfectly acceptable. Many times hands will be held throughout the sanctuary to pray with the person next to you. Visitors may also expect to see “laying on of hands” whereby someone prays for another while placing their hand on that persons shoulder.


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